The Virtual Commons

building extensible software for collective action research


A  list of publications related to the virtual commons including pdfs of preprints.

  • Cardenas, J.C, M.A. Janssen, and F. Bousquet, Dynamics of Rules and Resources: Three New Field Experiments on Water, Forests and Fisheries, Handbook on Experimental Economics and the Environment, edited by John List and Michael Price (Edward Elgar Publishing). [pdf] [Protocol]
  • Janssen, M.A., R.L. Goldstone, F. Menczer and E. Ostrom, Effect of rule choice in dynamic interactive spatial commons, International Journal of the Commons, 2(2): 288-312
  • Janssen, M.A., and E. Ostrom, TURFs in the lab: Institutional Innovation in dynamic interactive spatial commons, Rationality and Society, 20: 371-397 [pdf]  [Colorfigures]
  • Janssen, M.A. How to harvest versus how much to harvest in common pool resources experiments, submitted [pdf]

Student Thesis-

  • Deepali Bhagvat, Modelling and Rendering Realistic Trees - [pdf]