The Virtual Commons

building extensible software for collective action research


Developer documentation

The Virtual Commons has two codebases both hosted by SourceForge. Our Subversion repository contains our client-server interactive experiments implemented in Java, and our Mercurial repository hosts our the in-development web framework for interactive web-based collective action experiments built using Django.

Java-based experiments

Web-based experiments

The new vcweb framework is being designed to support rich/interactive web-based experiments with support for timed rounds and server push (e.g., group-filtered chat). We are maintaining living documentation of the development process and are working towards a prototype beta release soon.

User documentation

Under development.
  1. Download the latest version from
  2. Configure your experiment/treatment -
  3. Deploy the experiment server and client jars and JNLP files -

Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions as well.