The Virtual Commons

building extensible software for collective action research

Software Prerequisites

Setting up a server to run our experiment software

In order to run our Java-based experiment software for the foraging or irrigation experiments, you'll need to download a few tools.

  1. The latest version of the Java JDK is recommended. Currently, the software packages hosted by SourceForge are source packages that must be compiled on your target system in order to run properly. We plan to improve the installation and configuration of the software eventually, if you'd like to help out, please let us know.
  2. The latest version of Ant is needed to build and deploy the source code properly.
    Instructions on how to install Ant on a variety of operating systems are detailed here but the basic steps are to:
    1. download the binary distribution of Ant
    2. unpack it somewhere (and keep track of its location!). On Linux this might be /opt/ant or /usr/local/ant or /usr/share/ant, on Windows it is wherever you decide to install it. For the purposes of this example we suggest a location like C:\tools\ant
    3. set the JAVA_HOME and ANT_HOME environment variables to point to the appropriate locations. The deploy.bat file in the foraging directory can be used as a template to deploy the software on Windows, just change the paths of ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME to reflect your system's configuration, e.g., C:\tools\ant
    4. set the PATH variable to include the bin directories under JAVA_HOME and ANT_HOME so you have access to the ant and java executables
  3. (optional) Download and install Maven if you don't want to set up and install your own webserver.
  4. Finally, download the actual software packages from our source repositories at BitBucket.