Ostrom Lab Participant Database Frequently Asked Questions

No, we only provide monetary rewards. The reward amount varies from experiment to experiment.
To sign up you must be an undergraduate student currently enrolled at ASU and at least 18 years of age. If you meet these requirements, please visit https://vcweb.asu.edu/cas/login/ to login via ASU's Central Authentication Service and fill out a brief form. We periodically send emails to randomly selected groups of eligible participants when experiments are available.
An experiment session usually take one to two hours to complete. Please refer to your invitation email for more detailed instructions regarding your experiment session's time constraints. Remember to be on time!
Experiments conducted at ASU must first be approved by a human subjects committee which means that information about your decisions and any survey information you provide will only be made available to the researcher(s) involved in the experiment. No information regarding your particular decisions will be revealed to any other participant in the experiment and data analysis is only performed on anonymized data. Your demographic data (gender, major, age) will only be used to collect aggregate statistics.
Experiment sessions fill up on a first-come first-serve basis. If you are unable to participate in any of the experiment sessions listed in your invitation email, there will be future experiment sessions scheduled at different time slots and you will still be eligible to participate in these future sessions.
There will be more experiment sessions scheduled in the future and you will still be eligible to participate. Please do not sign up for an experiment session that you cannot attend. Our system keeps track of your absences and removes you from our database if you exceed a certain number of absences.
We periodically schedule experiment sessions throughout the semester. When we have an experiment session scheduled, we will email invitations with further instructions to a randomly selected group of participants.
We conduct experiments in human decision making at the Elinor Ostrom Multi-Methods Laboratory, Cowden 124. You will find Cowden 124 right next to the south entrance of Cowden Hall.
You must be at least 18 years old and an undergraduate student currently enrolled at ASU with a valid ASURITE ID and password.
This is an opt-in database. If you are no longer interested in participating or you have graduated or moved, you can unsubscribe at https://vcweb.asu.edu/accounts/unsubscribe or you can email us at ostromlab@asu.edu.